Christening a babyTalking to a family at a Christening

The Church offers Baptisms or Christenings to people of any age. To enquire about booking a Christening, initially please contact the vicar, Patrick (01603 250844 or Email). When dates and times have been agreed, please send a completed application form, downloadable below, to the Parishes Office.

You can find out more about Christenings by visiting the Church of England's website. There is information for parents, godparents and guests. If you are thinking of getting christened yourself, you may find this website helpful. 

Christenings at our church normally take place during the main 10am Sunday service but we can discuss other times and days if that would help. Noon on Sunday often works well. There is no charge for a christening but if you need a service outside of normal services there normally wouldn’t be music. In that case our organist may be available to play before and after and hymns during the service for a fee of £50. 

We offer you an opportunity to talk through the issues involved and look at the service. This usually involves two visits: one from Patrick to discuss the service and one from a lay person to answer any general queries.

Follow-up visits, to encourage and support the new church members and their families, are made by existing church members.

If you might like your child christened at Christ Church please see this leaflet containing information and an application form. Please discuss dates and times with Patrick before sending in the form to the Parishes Office (41 Church Lane, Norwich, NR4 6NW; Email).

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